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Sequel    18.12.2008    Gambian ravintolat ja baarit    Gambia

Sorry, in english, but i'll answer you in finnish if you ask me to :-) When you go to The Gambia you'll notice that the places for tourists are not all that cheap afterall.... I lived there so i'll give you some hints on where to go. Where as in the Senegambia a beer will cost you from 30 to 50 Dalasi, there is cheaper places to be...and nicer cuz they're not full of tourists.

In Bakau for instance,

Sayo's one for the road.... just a relaxed place to sit down, nothing special and no food...but the guy is a sweetheart and an honest man with good converstaion.

Kumba's: 80 Dalasi Afra, and good one too! you'll be full after it. and the old man roasts the chicken on wood in an oven there.

Its next to he road to cape point on the right hand side next to silver shop with white steel barring on the outside. Everyone knows it..ask.

a bit further down the road, ask for Modu's place, chicken again...with chips nothing special...but 60 D and beer is 20 D

Saffies, a bit more expensive, but good food as well...

Old cape road offers you Banana's....only drank there so I know not about the food but heard it was good.

Italian connection for Pizza.....Well...expensive! tastes good. But I drank my coffee and was actually chewing on a cockroach....it was juicy one though ;-) so I'll leave it up to you

Then on the Beach, also for bigger groups, Sunshine, owned by a spanish lady. Food is good, not expensive, not cheap, but a good place to relax at the beach and they also have drum evenings, which might be fun...

In newtown and Bakau it is full of live every night almost... Yes there is bumpsters...but head up and don't take the crap, you'll find little places worth to go to.

When you drive from bakau towards the MRC hospital, before the hospital there is a blue glassed building on your right habd side...a little sand road next to it towards the beach...There is Peaches....Great terras and sea view.....good prices...good atmosphere....but hard to find...

In Senegambia everything is made and tuned for the tourists, a beer in the nightclub WOW is 50D, but if you like dancing and the local spirit it is th eplace to go to. On the opposite side of the street, through all the guys that want to drive you everywhere and say they know you :-) there is Papperazi.... a clean, good place...but once again I prefer the local bars myself the best. However....walk all the into Senegambia road...till the end, go to the right untill you see a sign " The Green Mamba"....very nice place with garden etc.... romantically set....and privacy...not cheap.

If you want a good guide there....Jonna Jokela, finnish lady married to a Gambian, knows al these places and lives in Bakau..Call her and tell her you got her number through me, and it'll be alright...its her job to guide people so she can't take you out ...you take her out :-) +2207278406

As to telphones...Go to a kiosk and get yourself an Africel sim-card...if your phone is not a locked one you just add the card in your phone, and you have 50D credit. Africel also allowes you to send messages abroad....and its cheaper to call from there to here than vice versa....or even through your finnish line.

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Vieras    06.05.2008    Kotun hotellit    Kotu
Yöpymisen ajankohta: Huhtikuu 2008 | Hotelli: Bungalow Beach

Hyvä palvelu ja siistit paikat.

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Vieras    31.03.2008    Kotun nähtävyydet    Kotu

Kotu on pieni "kaupunki" lyhyen matkan päässä Banjulista, n.20km. Voin suositella lämpimästi kaikille matkailijoille, varsinkin heille jotka ovat jo kiertäneet välimeren turistikohteet useaan kertaan (itse kuulun tähän ryhmään).. Gambia hurmasi minut täysin ystävällisyydellään ja vieraanvaraisuudellaan. Nähtävää ja koettavaa riittää! Itse kävin silittämässä krokotiilejä ja kuljin Bijilo Forest Parkin läpi ihastellen kaunista luontoa sekä lukuisia apinoita, jotka olivat todella tuttavallisia.. Kannattaa vuokrata polkupyörä (maksaa n. 6e/päivä) jolla voi kulkea minne haluaa, välimatkat on lyhyitä.

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