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Matkakokemukset - Ravintolat ja baarit Malawissa

Ethiopian restaurant (in english)

tinni    24.04.2009    Malawin ravintolat ja baarit    Malawi

My first experience to Ethiopian food was great and it happened in NYC. In Blantyre I saw the same looking restaurant and wanted to go and try it once. After trying it once I wanted to try it for second time, which never happened though. But anyways, the food was excellent. :) It was some tradiotional Ethiopian food, sourdough flatbread with different vegetable and meat dishes.. Spicy ones. Food was really good. Only minus that I would give to that restaurant is the location. It's located to the mainstreet (which should be the best place).. The thing is that everytime you go in, there is abot 10-20 guys just hanging out in the door and it's really irritating. Some of them are beggars, but not every. The ones that are not, usually try to take your attention somehow.. Like whisteling or saying something to you.. But, the food is still good. :D

Bombay Palace (in english)

tinni    24.04.2009    Malawin ravintolat ja baarit    Malawi

Travelling in Malawi..? Tired to eat unspiced food..? I would recommend you to go and eat at Bombay Palace. It's Indian restaurant and the food is excellent and delicious. Even though it's Indian food, they don't make food to be too spicy. Most of the time I was eating Malawian traditional foods and I got to learn that they don't use spices that much, so it was nice alternative food sometimes. Bombay Palace is also located well, it's just where the Blantyre hotels are. Staff is really nice and place peacuful and calm. You can just go there, relax and eat well. I must say that this was the best restaurant I visited in Malawi.

KIPS (in english)

tinni    24.04.2009    Malawin ravintolat ja baarit    Malawi

Kips is really good restaurant in Blantyre. You can get different kind of foods from there, tasty pizza, good hamburgers, Indian naan bread and chicken, malawian traditional food.. Ice cream with different flavours, coffee and tea.. I was so surprised that in Malawi I got to eat the best hamburger ever, seriously. Staff is really friendly and kind. Kips is really famous restaurant in Blantyre, so if you want to go there, it's better to go when it's not lunch or dinner time. Otherwise you need to wait quite long to get the food and it's possible that you don't find any empty seats. But I really recommend Kips for you.

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