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Big Brother's GUESTHOUSE (not hotel, in english)

tinni    24.04.2009    Malawin hotellit    Malawi
Yöpymisen ajankohta: Joulukuu 2008 | Hotelli: Big Brother's GUESTHOUSE

The reason I selected Big brother's guesthouse was simple.. It's right there in the central. It's near to everything and it's safety. Other lodges were more expensive and more far away. Those few days that I was staying in BB guesthouse where really nice, 'cause I didn't needed to take any minibuses or taxis to anywhere. I was just there and I could walk everywhere I wanted to. It's just great for backpackers 'cause it's cheap. It wasn't like superduper cool with many activities (there was no activities basically), but it was nice place to take sleep and take shower. It's near to banks, restaurants, stores, markets.. And staff was really nice. I think they were Indians. But anyways, they gave you peace to do what you wanted to do. Well, breakfast and other meals are not included to price, but if you wanted to have some meals, they were not expensive. And like I said, restaurants were just near to it, so it wasn't a problem. :) Nice place.

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